certification for managers

It begins with the manager taking our Blueprints for Managers Course.  A unique, comprehensive and often necessary approach to developing your managers and supervisors within your organization. Providing the foundation, strategies and tactics to better Manage, Lead, Grow and Protect Your Organization.

The Blueprints for Managers Course can be taken in one of our public sessions (seen below) or online.


Our online Blueprints for Managers Course is an interactive video based webinar, where the participant is interacting participants from around the world via video and audio, saving travel time and money. We find that smartphones and tablets work the best (along with newer laptops) since they are better equipped for interactive webinars.


140 blueprints to manage, lead, grow and protect your organization

The Blueprints Certification comes from implementing the 140 plans from the Blueprints for Managers Course. Normal course participants are exposed to the 140 plans, however are not held responsible for implementing the materials. This is where our certification comes from.


implement the blueprints

Implement the Blueprints, hold your people accountable and report on the results.


only the serious…

Implementing the 140 Blueprints will make a positive impact to your organization and your career. We’ve had hundreds of companies report positive bottom-line results from implementing just a few of these ideas. Some even claiming that the Blueprints for Managers Course “transformed” their organization and crushed their competition by purposely focusing on implementation.

Some of our participants went the extra mile to implement ideas during the class, reaping the rewards for their organization and career, so we decided to reward those individuals with our Blueprints Certified Manager Designation.


Next Steps…

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